FW: vsftpd error

Zulaica, Dan USA dpzulaic at nps.edu
Thu Sep 16 19:00:46 UTC 2004

This final instruction worked.  Still wondering why it shows as an error still after checking it status using the 'service' command, however, the 500 OOPS error is gone and this is the recommended way to run, as its own listener, anyway.


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Am Do, den 16.09.2004 schrieb Zulaica, Dan USA um 20:49:

> Definitely another ethernet device, eth0.  The netstat command returns,
> 	tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN 0          10481      3481/xinetd
> Xinetd should be listening for most of the services.  Should it be on a different port?

You have to decide: either you let xinetd control the FTP server or let
run it standalone. If you choose to configure vsftp.conf to configure
standalone mode, then disable it under /etc/xinetd.d/.


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