use yum to install SRPM files?

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Fri Sep 17 11:14:37 UTC 2004

Am Fr, den 17.09.2004 schrieb Gerald Thompson um 13:01:

> I was thinking of using yum to install the source packages instead of 
> downloading the iso files, but I am not sure what to put into the yum 
> command to get it to download the newest versions of the SRPMS.

AFAIK yum lacks this option. But up2date has the option "--get-source".

> But what would you type in to install the SRPM files without already 
> having them on the system to update, would you have to do one package 
> group at a time?

You know what an SRPM is? You don't need to have the binary RPM
installed to be able to "install" any SRPM. I put install in quotes
here, because "installing" an SRPM mean to deflate it into the rpm-build
directories (SPEC and SOURCES) to be able to rpmbuild the binary

> I know I should probably just stop being lazy and just download the ISO 
> files and just mount them and install that way, I was just wondering if 
> there was a way to let yum download the updated versions and install 
> them to the system right directly.

For me it is not really clear you want intend.

> Gerald Thompson


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