CMI9739 chipset sound problem Module: snd-intel8x0

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at
Fri Sep 17 20:06:12 UTC 2004

Carlo Orecchia wrote:
> Thanks for your help
> I add to modprobe.conf your lines but it does not change anything. It's 
> so strange. I tried also bulding modules in kernel and installing new 
> alsa libs and utils but nothing changed.

	Get your card to work.  You indicated that "(just after installation)" 
your card works.  At that point, run the mixer and make sure that *all* 
of the sliders you care about are in the proper positions (sound levels, 
unmuted, etc).  (Its a known problem that the sliders are not all in the 
right states at this point.  It has been discussed at length here many 
times.)  Then run the "/usr/sbin/alsactl save" command.  This will save 
your "good" mixer state for restore at a later time.
	*Now* make sure that the install and remove  lines are still properly 
in your modprobe.conf file (as you indicated above).  Once you've gotten 
sound working properly, and you save the state, the next time you 
re-boot, when it auto-loads the modules, it should restore your good 
mixer settings, and your soundcard should then be working.

It helps to understand *what* the lines in modprobe.conf actually do in 
order to understand how this jury-rigging should work.

Like I said before, we both have nForce2 chipsets, so it should work for 
you as it does for me....

Good luck!

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome at
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