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> Am Do, den 16.09.2004 schrieb François Patte um 8:45:
> > Is there a way to recover the correct partition table?
> >
> > I know that I do not give much information, but is anyone gives me some
> tests to
> > operate in order to get more informations and a way to restore the correct
> > partition table?
> > François Patte
> Both pages contain basic information and information on how to use
> gpart.

I did not recover yet, but I know what happened and I can give a warning about
the microsoft partition tools: they allow, without any warning, to build two
extended partitions on the same disk! There was two windows primary partitions
on  this disk and one linux extended one; someone, reinstalling windows, could
format the first windows primary partition as an extended one and it is now
impossible  to read the partition table.... I don't know yet if I can recover
with merely re-formating the windows partition as a primary one.

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