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Markus Huber humarfedoralists at
Sat Sep 18 22:26:06 UTC 2004

mike schrieb:

> Does anyone know how to make gxine or xine play .wmv files in fordora 
> 2, had it working in fedora 1. I have the win32 codecs installed . I 
> recieve playlist: show, is_visible=0 segmentation fault. The links im 
> tring to play are at twisted videos.
> thanks for any help
Suppose you have got the win32codec and you still experience that
problem - like I did.

I've got a working solution from

Here is what I have done (it's exactly what is said on the mentioned
site) and worked well - no more segfaults with .wmv in xine or mediaplayer:

1. Edit /etc/syconfig/prelink and change

PRELINK_OPTS="-mR –no-exec-shield”

2. touch /var/lib/misc/prelink.force

3. /etc/cron.daily/prelink
This relinks all the applications, and it takes quite a while.

4. execstack -s /path/to/mplayer
    execstack -s /path/to/xine
This turns off exec-shield for the mplayer and xine binary.

Hope it works for you as well.


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