problem configuring PHP

Jim Patterson jim_patterson at
Sun Sep 19 02:21:48 UTC 2004

I am trying to install Sablotron on my box.
I have downloaded the src.rpm and have made the proper changes to 
php.spec.  Installed the js and js-devel rpm's
and the sablotron rpm.  Whenever I try to compile php (rpmbuild -ba 
php.spec) I get the error:
undefined reference to `libiconv'

undefined reference to `JS_SetPrototype'
There are more warnings and errors than this,but I believe they are 
related to not be able to find the files which contain reference to this 

 iconv was installed by configuring a tar, which installed it's library 
files in /usr/local/lib,
I added /usr/local/lib to my file and ran ldconfig.   But  I 
still get this error.

The second error, I believe, is caused by the compile not being able to 
find the source files which were installed with the js-devel*.rpm.  I 
believe I need to reconfigure something so that the compile has the 
option -ljs, and -I /usr/include/js but I do not know of a good method 
of doing this.  I would guess that there is a place to configure this in 
the source loaded with php-4.3.2.src.rpm.  Is there some simple method 
of doing this?

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