One /home/username shared amongst several Fedora instances using external HD

Markus Huber humarfedoralists at
Sun Sep 19 01:49:46 UTC 2004

CB schrieb:

> Sorry, yes, I meant mounting *as* /home/username, so not only my docs 
> but also all the config  directories (/home/.*) get shared between the 
> machines (not simultaneously, of course). Any idea why mounting an 
> external drive as /home/username isn't possible?

Maybe it is possible. I suppose during installation Fedora has to 
recognize the external disk so that it can get the mountpoint /home. If 
that is possible, then there is no problem using an external drive as 
/home directory.

What I am absolutely not sure about, if it is possible to change the 
mountpoint /home on a running system. Somebody else have to help about that.

I am thinking of changing the /home directory to another partition, but 
yet have not found a solution how to do it on a running system, so I 
personally would be interested in expert answer on that as well.


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