FC2 on HP Proliant Servers - drivers, etc..

Kevin F. Berrien kblists at comcast.net
Sun Sep 19 16:06:24 UTC 2004

I'm interested in others experiance with FC2 (or other linuxes other 
than RH, or SUSE Enterprise editions - ie, those supported by 
HP/Smartstart) on new DL line HP servers.

I've got a DL320/G2 on order for an intranet server.  Not being a 
"critical" box I figured I'd save our strapped budget and use FC2 rather 
than one of the enterprise linux'es from RH or SUSE, which are supported 
by HP.

I'm concerned about driver issues, etc.  I'm not really concerned about 
Lights out, and other management stuff (we're a small enough shop we 
usually don't use all that much anyways).  Will I be able to use say the 
RH 2.1, or 3 Enterprise drivers with FC2??  This will be my first 
install on non-recycled hardware.

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