ps/2 mouse trouble

Jack Spaar jspaar at
Sun Sep 19 19:02:23 UTC 2004

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 10:41:31 +0200, kh wrote:

> i installed FC2 and had during install and afterwards not gotten my ps/2 
> mouse detected. I hva tried three different mices.
> I have a logitech cordless wheelmouse, and i tried to replace "Option 
> ..... /dev/input/mice with /dev/psaux in xorg.conf but then x server died.
> I have updated fc2 with yum update and are now running the .1152 kernel 
> with no luck regarding my mouse :)
> I have borrowed an usb mouse, and that mouse works just fine...
> Do i have to give up my logitech and mouse ps/2 port and buy an usb mouse?
> kh

I had the same problem when upgrading from fc1 to fc2.  What worked for me
was disabling USB Legacy support in the BIOS.  Don't know why this should
be necessary, but it did work.



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