Mounting second part of the cdrom

Filippos PresarioD at
Mon Sep 20 13:26:51 UTC 2004

> Tried them now. No luck.
> Is there maybe a special syntax I have to type to browse that particular
> section of the cd. Possibly where I specify which session I need to get
> to.

What you can try is:

cdrecord  dev=YOUR_DEV_HERE -msinfo

and obtain the START_VALUE and END_VALUE sectors for the second
session. (YOUR_DEV_HERE should be your cdrom device or nothing if you
have set up the /etc/cdrecord.conf defaults)

Having the starting and ending sector values you can use:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/tmp/file.iso skip=START_VALUE 

or something similiar. I don't remember on top of my head what is the
typical BLOCK size for iso9660. That way you will be able to copy the
second session into a file that you can try mounting as a loopback.

Haven't done it though so I can't vauch for its 100% success. It won't
harm you at all though in any way.

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