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Jon Savage jonathansavage at
Mon Sep 20 17:07:48 UTC 2004

> I am guessing that you downloaded a .tar.gz file for thunderbird? Not
> sure how you tried to install it, but if you can get an rpm (RedHat
> Package Manager) file to install from, that is always preferable. With
> rpm. you can upgrade a package (rpm -Uvh packagename.rpm), or remove it
> (rpm -e packagename), etc. With a .tar.gz file, you have to manually
> keep track of where everything gets installed.
> That said, the answer is 'yes' to your question about using apt-get. I
> don't use apt-get myself, but I do use yum and up2date. In the case of
> thunderbird, though, I have not found an rpm (maybe I have just not
> looked in the right place).  So, don't be surprised if apt-get does not
> find the thunderbird rpm.
> There is a good howto on building your own thunderbird rpm at:

There are rpms available for both Firefox & Thunderbird- If memore
serves on Fedora Extras from
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