FC2, Win XP and two harddisks

Fritz Whittington f.whittington at att.net
Mon Sep 20 17:57:59 UTC 2004

On or about 2004-09-20 11:16, Thomas Korsgaard whipped out a trusty #2 
pencil and scribbled:

>Hello List
>I have a computer with two disks hda and hdb. I currently have Win XP
>installed on hda and FC2 on hdb. Now the thing is that I don't use my
>Win XP any more and I keep getting messages that the disk is full. So my
>question is: 
>How do I convert my hda so I can use it under Linux? Is there a simpel
>way of formatting it and then mounting it at /mnt after wards?
Use fdisk to re-partition it, then mkfs to "format" it.  See the man 
pages for each of these programs
before using!   You would probably want to make  an ext3 fs.

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