Pointers on identifying cause of an FC2 on x86_64 kernel panic?

Andrew W. Donoho awd at DDG.com
Mon Sep 20 18:05:25 UTC 2004


	Just after adding a second hard drive to my LVM2 volumes, I started 
getting common kernel panics. The system crashes with the console 
screen having some kind of stack record involving journalling. 
Yesterday, I turned on the SMART subsystem to track the harddrives. 
They seem fine according to smartctl. Any pointers on how to proceed 
next? Links to read?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew W. Donoho
awd at DDG.com, PGP Key ID: 0x81D0F250
+1 (512) 453-6652 (o), +1 (512) 750-7596 (m)

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