USB DVD-RW drive

Jon Savage jonathansavage at
Tue Sep 21 00:46:38 UTC 2004

> Are USB DVD burners well supported in linux? If so, which models would
> you recommend? I would prefer a dual-layer capable burner if I can find
> one in my budget.
I'd look into purchasing an IDE DVD burner, seeing the Sony dual layer
ones for under $80.-, then put it into an enclosure and you'll have
the external burner for a lot less than if you'd bought an external
unit outright, That should work out OK, the newer (2.6X) kernels seem
to do a much better job w/ USB devices than in the past.
That being said I'd still prefer to go with an internal DVD burner on
my primary (desktop) workstation. For the laptop go with either a
multibay CD burner or wait a bit for the prices to drop on the
multibay DVD burners.
YMMV :). 

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