mike mikec1 at
Wed Sep 22 02:39:47 UTC 2004

Im tring to connect from 1 fedora 2 machine to another fedora 2 machine 
using samb. When i try to open up a folder i recieve a  error.
The filename "programs" indicates that this file is of type "Folder". 
The contents of the file indicate that the file is of type "Unknown 
type". If you open this file, the file might present a security risk to 
your system.

Do not open the file unless you created the file yourself, or received 
the file from a trusted source. To open the file, rename the file to the 
correct extension for "Unknown type", then open the file normally. 
Alternatively, use the Open With menu to choose a specific application 
for the file.
can anyone help me on this?

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