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William Stearns wstearns at
Wed Sep 22 15:38:04 UTC 2004

Good morning, CB,

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, CB wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 12:50, Nifty Hat Mitch wrote:
> > Read the man page well.
> > 
> > In some cases a different user can attach your 'screen'.  There are
> > times when this is good and times when this is unwanted.  RTFM and
> > test...
> > 
> > I like screen lots... Enjoy...
> Thanks for the heads up. I'll do my best with the man page but it sure
> is long.

	I have a short summary of the most needed options at:

> Actually I'm thrilled to bits with screen. It seems for every bit of
> set-up frustration I have with linux, there are several things that make
> me wonder how I could live without them on a windows box.

	- Bill

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