Widescreens and Fedora

Markus Huber humarfedoralists at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 22 17:24:41 UTC 2004

Am Mit, den 22.09.2004 schrieb Bob Chiodini um 18:52:
> On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 11:32, Peter McDermott wrote:
> > I just installed Fedora 2 on my Compaq V2000 and am have trouble getting 
> > the right resolution set. The LCD is 14 inches with a wide aspect ratio. 
> > The native resolution is 1280x768.  Can anyone help me or just point me 
> > in the right direction (I'm kind of new to linux)? Thanks!
> > 
> > P.S. I posted this message when I first signed up to the mailing list 
> > but I don't think it was sent. If it did and this is a duplicate... 
> > sorry. :-( 
> Try hardcoding the resolution you desire in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  The
> section you want is near the end of the file.  There may be more than
> one resolution specified, add "1280x768" at the beginning of the list of
> modes.  The HorizSync and VertRefresh values in the monitor section must
> be appropriate for you display. Good luck.
> Bob...

To get your modeline you can use this site:

But I am sure there is an onboard possibility with Fedora to get your
modeline (I did it on my laptop but unfortunatelly I don't have it

You just have to add to xorg.conf:
modeline "YOUR MODELINE"

It works great with nv as driver, with nvidia-drivers you have to add
another line that they use your modeline (and that as well I do not know
by heart).

Hopefully somebody can help out to fill in my skeleton infos.

Have fun, my hp7000 widescreen works great with FC2.

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