Gnome-Term scroll problem

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at
Wed Sep 22 23:05:10 UTC 2004

John Thompson wrote:
> Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
>> John Thompson wrote:
> It affects the way in which fonts are rendered on the screen.  Since 
> this appears to be a font display problem, it may be relevant.


>> And I don't see anything related to anti-aliasing in my Preferences -> 
>> Font menu....
>> Not in the first screen, not in the Details screen....
> What is selected on the first screen's "Font Rendering" options?

Font Preferences
Application font:	Sans	10
Desktop font:		Sans	10
Window title font:	(bold)Sans	10
Terminal font:		Monospace	10

Font Rendering:

	o Monochrome	x Best Shapes
	o Best Contrast	o Subpixel smotthing (LCDs)

> On the "Details" page, what is selected for "Smoothing" and "Hinting?"

Resolution 96 dots per inch

	o None		x Grayscale
	o Subpixel (LCDs)

	o None		o Slight
	x Medium	o Full

Subpixel Order:
	x RGB		o BGR

> Try changing these values (one at a time, so you can tell what happens) 
> and see if it affects the font display in the Gnome Terminal.

And open a new gnome terminal session after each change to test, right?

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