How to change default "app" settings in Streamtuner

Clint Harshaw clint at
Thu Sep 23 13:57:02 UTC 2004

On Thursday 23 September 2004 9:41 am, Patrick Chiang wrote:
> Hi,
> I just started using StreamTuner as my Internet radio program,
> it worked perfectly :)
> but I couldn't change its default behavior to invoke external
> application; it always called xmms to play music (But I prefer to Beep-
> Media-Player) and Epiphany to browse web pages(Hopefully firefox).
> Anybody has an idea about how to change these settings?  It seems that
> no configuration files can be modified manually.
> ver: streamtuner-0.12.5-1
> platform : FC2
> TIA,
> Patrick

While I haven't tried it to reconfig the Streamtuner prefs (I like XMMS just 
fine), I found there is a place where it looks like you can make the changes 
you want:

Streamtuner -> Edit Preferences -> Programs

Then click on the Command for streams to edit.

Hope this helps,

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