Keyboard/Mouse "bug" noticed

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Thu Sep 23 17:56:30 UTC 2004

    I've played UT (UnrealTournament) on Linux for a long time now. It's
fast, smooth, I'm very happy with it, even though my motherboard seems
to 'snag' on the newer kernels (three second delays where everything
stops- very annoying).

    But I found something very interesting though, in light of the
different way Fedora handles the keyboard/mouse.

    Recently, when I hold still for a bit, then fire/move, there's a
delay...and 'mouse3' needs to be cycled before it functions again. I
thought it was an error and further evidence that one day I'd have to
leave the program behind...

    Then I played the game on a work machine; the bug is there, too!

    Fantastic: Linux keeps getting more and more accurate as time goes
on...even replicating bugs.  :)

    Great work, guys!

    BTW: UT2004 is _excellent_ and worth the $40 if you're into this
kinda gaming.  It now has several vehicles, it's a very solid, slick
interface and a lot of fun.  But don't bother touching it unless you
have more than 2500 bogomips to run it; it really eats the cycles.

Brian Fahrländer                  Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                       
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