Install FC2 boot from floppy?

Richard E Miles r.godzilla at
Thu Sep 23 21:11:05 UTC 2004

>>> is it still possible to boot fc2 from floppy to install? I have not
>>> floppy images on the cd's to create a boot floppy.
>>> I want to install it on a machine which cant boot from cdrom.
>>> thanks in advance,\
>>> Edwin
>>This has been asked and answered many times on this list. The kernel
>>fit on a floppy. Thus no floppy install is available.
>[<Yigal>] Will it fit a USB flash disk (assuming PC can boot from USB)?
>What is the minimal size required for the kernel?

I not sure what the minimal size is. If you make a custom kernel you could
chop out some things to make it smaller.
It will fit on a 256mb USB flash disk.

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