Mounting second part of the cdrom

Robert kerplop at
Sat Sep 25 12:45:43 UTC 2004

Filippos Klironomos wrote:
>>as soon as I load a CD in tray, an icon pops up in desktop; it
>>also has an "Eject..." command that unmount and ejects CD.
>>I have not found a way to solve this inconvenience and from now on I
>>have worked solely under Gnome. :|
> I haven't worked with KDE but I am pretty sure that if you fire up the
> analog of gconf-editor for KDE there has to be an option somewhere
> just like gconf has for 'magicdev' to automount and/or autorun a CD
> once inserted. This can be turned on and off. For example I have it
> off because it might interfere with CD or DVD writting by claiming
> access on the device while it is busy.

Unfortunately, this does nothing to address the O.P.'s question about 
photo CDs. However, I thought I'd share this fix for the BUG in KDE that 
assumes any disk inserted needs playing. This is my custom 
/usr/bin/autorun after renaming the original:
[rj at mavis FC3]$ cat /usr/bin/autorun
# This file does nothing but replace the original /usr/bin/autorun
# file (renamed to WAS_autorun) to hopefully stop KDE from bitching
# and moaning and having a walleyed fit over the file not being
# found. To restore to normal, with all the problems attendant with
# some idiotic juke box program taking control of the CDROMs, simply:
# mv /usr/bin/WAS_autorun /usr/bin/autorun

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