Choosing an approach to Fedora upgrades.

Ian Pilcher i.pilcher at
Mon Sep 27 13:54:35 UTC 2004

CB wrote:
> What approaches do people here use for upgrading Fedora installations?
> I'm assuming that one wants to upgrade, even if only for curiosity.

You don't mention the procedure that I use.  I have two RAID devices
that I use for root filesystems (including /home).  At any given time,
one of them is the production system, and the other one is usually the
previous version of Red Hat Linux/Fedora Core.  When the time comes to
"upgrade", I do a fresh install on the "non-production" device, which
becomes the new production system.  Then I selectively copy files and
directories from the previous system to the new one.  Since the old
system stays around for a long time, there's next to no chance that I'll
forget to migrate anything.

This is more labor intensive, but it has the advantage that it avoids
the build up of "cruft" that can occur when one constantly upgrades.

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