Writing to DVD+RW's

Peter peter at mcdermottpa.com
Tue Sep 28 00:46:41 UTC 2004

Thanks Clint

> Would you please check which kernel you are using? If it's 2.6.8.x 
> then there is a FAQ/bug related to burning CD or DVD as a non-root 
> user. If you have a kernel < 2.6.8.x then you should be able to burn 
> normally. If you don't have an earlier kernel, then try burning after 
> su to the root user.

Sure enough, when I started k3d as root it correctly detected the dvd+rw 
and I am burning with out any problems. It seems excessive to disable 
burning for everyone but root at the kernel level. Wouldn't it be a 
administrators prerogative wether users were allowed this functionality? 
Oh well.

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