Upgrade Questions (Newbie)

Trevor Smith trevor at haligonian.com
Tue Sep 28 02:34:50 UTC 2004

On September 26, 2004 5:42 pm, Joey Kelley wrote:
>       I have been reading many of these threads over the past couple days,
> and there seem to be a fair amount of issues with FC2. Currently, I am
> running FC1 on a dedicated machine (Pentium II, not sure of the clock speed
> but its under 500 mhz, with 96 MB of ram and a 6 GB hard drive) and I am
> thinking of upgrading it to FC2. (the ISOs are downloading right now) The

Frankly, I fear you may not be happy. I had been using FC1 on a PIII 500 with 
386 meg, bought a brand new laptop, must faster processor, faster HD, more 
ram, and put FC1 on it and I was PLEASED with the improvement. Then I 
upgraded to FC2 and EVERYTHING slowed down. Seriously. You have been warned.

Trevor Smith // trevor at haligonian.com

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