How to get cdrecord working in FC2?

Filippos Klironomos PresarioD at
Tue Sep 28 13:15:25 UTC 2004

> There are 4 ide devices ide1 has 2 hard drives and ide2 has cdrw and cdrom
> Tried cdrecord --dev=/dev/hdd -immed blah.iso and still hangs exactly the same.

Woooooa! Slow down! You don't want to corrupt your hard disk! Some of
those 4 ide devices are your partitions on your hard disk that have
FC2 and whatever else installed on your system. Don't play around with
them and especially when you have root privileges!

Now your problem is most likely a ATAPI problem. I used to get the
same response from cdrecord when I had SCSI emulation on for my ATAPI
CD burner. So one thing you should do is turn it off and try to use
cdrecord. Here are the steps:

First go to /boot/grub/grub.conf and back it up just in case:

cd /boot/grub
cp grub.conf grub.conf.BAK

Then edit grub.conf with your favorite editor and see if there is a command:


on the kernel command line that you are using. Notice that "x" is the
letter for the ide device that your CD is using so it can be anything.
If there is this command delete ONLY that and leave the rest intact.
Save and exit from your editor.

Now go to your /etc/modprobe.conf file and see if there is an option:

options ide-cd ignore=hdx

where "x" again pertains to your ide letter. Comment that part out by
putting a hash "#" in front of it. Now you are ready to go. If your
kernel was compiled with native ATAPI support then by rebooting your
system to the same kernel your device should be ready to use. If you

cdrecord -scanbus dev=ATAPI

cdrecord should respond with your ATAPI device numbers identified. 

Good luck!

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