How to get cdrecord working in FC2?

Jeff Vian jvian10 at
Tue Sep 28 17:06:44 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 07:46, Pybe wrote:
> > Is the cable to the CD writer shared with any other device, such as a hard
> > disk? That might cause problems - see the -immed option to cdrecord.
> > 
> There are 4 ide devices ide1 has 2 hard drives and ide2 has cdrw and cdrom
> Tried cdrecord --dev=/dev/hdd -immed blah.iso and still hangs exactly the same.

Which device is the cdrw?  hdc or hdd?

Confirm you are doing this only to the cdrw.
> Pybe

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