Lexar CF Card Reader USB 2.0 on FC1

Temlakos temlakos at comcast.net
Wed Sep 29 23:15:55 UTC 2004


Today I received a Lexar USB2.0 Card Reader. I tried connecting it to an
FC1 box (kernel with an AMD Duron processor (1.4 GHz).
Immediately upon connecting, the system queries the floppy and two
existing SCSI devices (an Iomega Jaz drive and a CD burner). Then,
inexplicably, the machine hangs and I have to do an uncontrolled (and,
needless to say, unclean) shutdown.

However, my HP Digital PhotoSmart 120 camera connects without a hitch
and, using gtkam, I can save and delete photographs with the camera

I tried looking up some instructions for kernel modification, and I know
I have a good tool for it (menuconfig) and also the kernel source code.
How can I get the reader to connect and mount up without bringing the
whole system to a crashing halt? Does FC1 have a special vulnerability
that FC2 does not have?

I'd really like to know how to fix this, because I'd like to recommend a
digital-photography solution to a client of mine. Of course he could
probably use gtkam to save his photos straight from the camera, but if
he could simply shove the card into a reader and use Nautilus (or even
the bash cp command) to pull off his photos to a directory of his own
choosing, that would be a lot more convenient for his operations, as I'm
sure everybody can appreciate. (He runs a pathology laboratory and would
like to take gross photographs and photomicrographs for inclusion in his
reports--and he could do that a lot faster if all he had to do was pop
out a card and stick it into a reader while he shoves another, blank
card into the camera so that he can keep going. And when he's dealing
with frozen-section diagnosis, speed is of the essence!)


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