3ware 9000 Series SATA Raid and Fedora Core 2 ?

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at telus.net
Thu Sep 30 19:22:28 UTC 2004

I guess that you can actually write a script to do this as the last task in the 
startup or at the appropriate start up point. So the script would contain 
exactly y what you have for command line steps.

This isn't the most elegant way, but it will surely work. I am sure that someone 
would probably have a better way to go.



Erwin Cloostermans wrote:
> Here I'm again.
> I still have some problems.
> I did a fresh install from the cd images available as iso files (kernel
> 2.6.5-1.358)
> I edited /etc/yum.conf (to download from a local mirror server instead of
> the primary fedora server)
> Updated my system with yum update to kernel 2.6.8-1.521
> In /etc/modprobe.conf I replaced
> 	alias scsi_hostadapter1 3w-xxxx
> With
> 	alias scsi_hostadapter1 3w-9xxx
> In a terminal window I typed
> 	/sbin/modprobe -r 3w-xxxx
> 	/sbin/modprobe 3w-9xxx
> To remove the old driver and load the new one
> At that moment I'm able to see my raid disk as /dev/sdb
> (The sata drive connected to the main board is /dev/sda)
> In a terminal window I typed
> 	/sbin/mkinitrd -v -f /boot/initrd/2.6.8-1.521smp.img 2.6.6-1.521smp
> But after a reboot the old driver 3w-xxxx is loaded again and /dev/sdb is
> gone
> In kernel startup log I see a message
> 3ware Storage Controller device driver for Linux v.
> 3w-xxxx No cards found
> I did this for both kernels: 2.6.8-1.521smp and 2.6.8-1.521
> How can I make my Linux load the 3w-9xxx driver at startup instead of the
> old 3w-xxxx ????
> TIA, Erwin
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> You removed the entry for your motherboard  SATA adapter 
> (ata_piix) from modprobe.conf, so the root filesystem can't be 
> accessed.

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