FC4 and nano

Daniel Orzechowski DANIEL.E.ORZECHOWSKI at saic.com
Tue Aug 2 16:08:36 UTC 2005

>    This problem is a bit old.  Apparently there is some problem that nano 
> has with the gnome terminal.  I personally use jpico (part of joes 
> editor) as a replacement. there are other options.  you may want to check 
> the archives, or at least look at this:
>James W. has some good advice for work-arounds.


thanks for the reply.  I'm not using gnome-terminal and nano worked fine 
for me back in FC3, but I'll try the fixes mentioned in that link.
(and I had searched MARC with "FC4 nano", which returned one irrelevant 
post, so I didn't see the one you referred to.)

thanks again.


Dan Orzechowski
SAIC Marine Science and Technology Division

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