Newbie: Photoshop CS under Fedora Core 4

Josh Coffman josh_coffman at
Wed Aug 3 18:21:59 UTC 2005

--- Duncan Lithgow <duncan at> wrote:

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> Marcus Zingmark wrote:
> | The one and only program I actually miss after
> changing to Linux is 
> Photoshop. I have heard about a program called
> CrossOver Office that 
> could made this possible but as I understand it
> CrossOver costs.
> |
> | Is there any other stable alternative that can
> make this possible, for 
> free?
> |
> I just wanted to mention Gimp to you since it says
> you're a new user. 
> There is also a key mapping plugin which gives gimp
> the same key 
> shortcuts as PS.
> That was just in case you haven't tried it - I've
> used both and find 
> Gimp works fine for all I've come across.
> Duncan

I'd like to second the suggestion. I've become
somewhat familiar with Photoshop because of my career.
..and my early adventures with Gimp leave me missing
nothing I have with Photoshop. (But then I'm not an
expert p'shopper.)


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