spamass-milter keeps dying

Paul Howarth paul at
Thu Aug 4 18:23:00 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 20:11 +0200, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mo, den 01.08.2005 schrieb Paul Howarth um 11:42:
> > I'm seeing it dying from time to time too. I'm considering putting the
> > milter in a wrapper that logs a failure and then restarts it after 10
> > seconds if it crashes.
> > 
> > Paul.
> Hi Paul!
> You already added the wrapper script. Though i may be interesting to
> know about following tool with the same aim, just for the clamav-milter
> (just did read the new version announcement on the ClamAV list):
> The Perl script may be worth to be adopted for spamass-milter

Actually I think I prefer the wrapper script. The watcher runs from cron
every 15 minutes (by default) and hence can take that long to detect the
problem. The wrapper script detects a milter crash straight away and
restarts it within 10-15 seconds or so. The watcher does have the
advantage of detecting other failure modes, e.g. a locked-up but not
crashed milter, but in my (limited) experience, milters that break do
tend to crash rather than lock up.

There is in fact no reason why both the wrapper and the watcher couldn't
be used together, as they wouldn't interfere with each other.

> (of course
> I would prefer a stable milter application, like MimeDefang proved to be
> for me on several installations :).

Me too. I'm going to take a look at smf-spamd sometime soon.

Paul Howarth <paul at>

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