Newbie:gpdf-2.8.2-4.1 corrupts text output under FC4 2.6.12. xpdf-3.00-19 displays ok

Øyvind Stegard oyvinst at
Fri Aug 5 11:15:23 UTC 2005

Clive at Rational wrote:
> Problem as described in title
> Output in GPDF is about 4 lines display fine then
> through rest of document to end, thin lines - some
> dark, some faint - appear in place of text.
> Xpdf displays all the text as readable content - even
> though the font is a bit "blotchy".
gpdf in FC4 ? I think that's been replaced by Evince, which does a truly 
great job of display PDF files (and PS). I'd go for Evince instead.
If you haven't got it installed (look under 
"Applications->Graphics->Evince ..") do:
$ yum install evince

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