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If I recall correctly, you will need a decoder for dts.  I for instance have a 
dolby suround decoder, which is connected to my soundcard's digital out.  The 
connection is made with a 30€ coaxial cable.  And, in order for this to work, 
you must choose the option "pass thru" in xine's (or mplayer, or ....) audio 
config. Even then, you'll beter of if you choose the THX sound instead of the 
dts version (dvd language menu).

So, unless you have all that equipment, I suggest you configure your player to 
output stereo sound, and to select the normal version of the film.


On Monday 08 August 2005 04:32, Ping-Wu Zhang wrote:
> By following the tips in a very helpful forum "Fedora Core 4 Tips and
> Tricks"
> I was able to get mplayer going, and I was so amazed as to how things
> have proved so drastically in Fedora in the multimedia area.  I am now
> able to watch CNN news on my Fedora box, as well as watch some movies.
> However, on this DVD movie I am playing, I am getting the following
> error message:
>  . . . cannot find 'dts' in libavcodec . . .
> I am able to play the video images without any problem, but I am not
> getting any sound.  I have installed the "all-" codecs, but apparently
> this "dts" codec is missing.
> Any help will further improve the already great media capability of
> Fedora Core 4.  Thanks in advance.

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