Grub Problem (?) Installing FC4 dual boot with Win2K

Tue Aug 9 22:01:57 UTC 2005

>  >> Flip-flop mode: Setting the jumpers to master / slave on even a
>  >> cable where pin 28 is used for signaling the Master / slave should
>  >> always work. The fact that you have a cable setup for CS 
> should not
>  >> matter. Setting the jumpers seems to be best practice for
>  >> predictability.
>  >
>  >
>  > This has been my experience, also. But see another thread where one
>  > fellow (who really seems to know his stuff) claims that using a CS
>  > cable with Master/Slave jumpered drives does not always work. I had
>  > one instance where that was the case.
> Same here! The failure was detected at the BIOS level.
I did have one machine where that was not the case.  An old Acer 333 Mhz
machine.  When I added a second disk I set the jumpers to master on one and
slave on the other and it would not recognize the drives.  The Acer motherboard
insisted on me setting both drives to CS to work.  I have not see that on
more modern systems.

Bob Styma 

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