Mounting multiple USB Hard Drives

Robert Paxton rpaxton at
Wed Aug 10 03:44:17 UTC 2005

e2label works as long as the drive exists at boot time. If for some reason
the drive does not exits it gets removed from the fstab file.







Have you tried e2label?  It's available on FC4; dunno about FC3.


Good luck!



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  I am currently upgrading from FC1 to FC3. I have ten external USB hard

drives attached. I need to be sure that when these drives are attached that

they can be uniquely identified so that they get mounted to the same mount

points each time. I was using devlabel in FC1 to accomplish this, but FC3 no

longer has devlabel. I tried udev but there is nothing provided by udevinfo

that will uniquely identify the drives. Does any know of a way in FC3 that I

can do what devlabel did for me in FC1?



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