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Graham S. Green graham at
Wed Aug 10 19:53:44 UTC 2005

Hi Ed,

Thanks for telling me about the Aug edition of APC - I'll try and find
it (although I did a quick look last night and most of the places now
have Sep but I'll keep trying).

I did manage to get the downloads down, but now, as I install via the
CDs, the installation routine asks me to insert the next disk, disk 2,
so I insert it and then it says that it is the wrong disk.  I did a
media check on that disk and it reports it as being disk 7!!!!  I only
have 4 CD images so where does disk 7 come from?

How do I get past this point?

BTW - I'm in Canberra.



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Graham S. Green wrote:
> Hi all,
> My first post to the list so apologies if this question is commonly
> asked but the problem is driving me nuts.
> Is anyone else having problems downloading Fedora 4?  I've tried to
> download it on two separate boxes, using two different FTP programs
> burn the ISO images on two different CD burners but each time I do a 
> mediacheck on it, I get a "FAIL - corrupted disk or download error"
> it then refuses to install.  I've also tried to download it from two 
> different servers - the main Fedora server as well as an optusnet
> here in Australia.
> I do not have any Linux boxes available and that is why i am trying to
> download this and so i cannot do a SHA1SUM check.
> Any ideas or should i want until it is available on a magazine?
> Thanks
> Graham

APC August has it Graham. See if you can grab a copy of that.

Otherwise, where are you? If not too costly I could do you a burn.

I'm close to Perth.


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