Dual network adapters Fedora FC4 - problem reaching eth1 locally

Clive at Rational clive at rational-communications.com
Thu Aug 11 15:49:02 UTC 2005


   Took me time to work this out


Router on

PC 1 WinXP attaches with dynamic ip (DHCP)

PC2 Linux FC4 attaches with fixed IP & DHCP

PC2 has RealTek UTP NIC - is mapped to eth0 and is
fixed address

Address is print server

When PC2 has wireless ethernet installed, eth1, that
picks up address via DHCP

PC2 runs Samba

When PC2 is connected to router only over eth1,
wireless, and no cable is in eth0 - following happens

PC2 can reach public internet sites through router

Cannot reach from PC2 via mozilla browser nor ping any
local address: 0.2 0.10

on PC2  accessible from PC1

All are declared unreachable on PC2

If I disable eth0 on PC2, so all traffic "forced"
through eth1 (Wireless) then all local IP addresses
become reachable from PC2 and PC2 becomes reachable
from PC1.

Why is this?



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