How to make adobe default pdf reader in firefox/thunderbird

oldman talbotscott at
Thu Aug 11 15:53:37 UTC 2005

Ping-Wu Zhang wrote:

>On 8/10/05, Marcelo Magno T. Sales <marcelo.sales at> wrote:
>>Click on a .PDF file on a web site. Firefox will open the save dialog,
>>which has an option to open the file with an application you specify.
>>Choose to open it with acroread and check the checkbox "remember my
>>selection" or something like that.
>"remember my selection" is greyed out.
    Even after you have changed the entry in "Open With" box?

    If you are unable to change the box, I would start looking at you 
dmesg for error messages especially SELinux. On my  Firefox PDFs default 
to Evince (haven't tried to change it) and I have no idea what set it to 
that, but it looks like I would be able to change it (nothing is grayed 

    Also what is your "mime type" set for? (right click on any PDF file 
you have on your machine and select properties - select the Open With 
tab. if Adobe does not show up there, click on the "ADD" button.  If 
Adobe is not in your menus you will need to select the "use custom 
command" to open up the file requester, find the acroread program and 
select open.  Then make this your default in the properties window.

    That should do it.  Good Luck


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