Internet isn't accessible after update

Edward Dekkers edward at
Tue Aug 16 02:17:46 UTC 2005

David Ganger wrote:
> Yeah i realize the configuration is odd but i am planning to put a small 
> linux based firewall in soon, so for now i don't really want to change 
> it, since i will be changing it again in the near future. Yes i was also 
> mistaken it is a router not a switch. But like i said before i can ping 
> the router and the xp computer and even some sites but i can't 
> physically see them in a web browser. when i type in a site like 
> it doesn't do anything in the browser and just displays 
> "done" in the bottom left hand corner, I have tried different web 
> browsers and my instant messenger program cant connect either. Maybe i 
> am just not understanding what you guys are saying. Also the internet 
> did work fine before i performed the first up2date. After that i have 
> been having these problems. It seems like some type of software or bug 
> issue to me but maybe i am wrong. Thanks for all the help.
> -Dave

This is very strange. The fact that you can ping sites but not get to 
them via http is crazy.

Also your set-up really makes no sense to me.

I need you to be sure of some things before we can help you. You mention 
that the Linux box goes "through" the Windows XP box.

Is this really true?

For example - is Internet Connection Sharing enabled on XP?

When you look at your network connections, does one of them say "shared"?

Could you also please provide the output of:

1> ipconfig /all on Windows.
2> ifconfig -a on Linux.
3> route -n on Linux.
4> Your router's IP address.


P.S. It sounds to me like up2date didn't mess this up at all, from what 
you're been posting it looks like a very wrong set-up if I understand 
you correctly, in which case I am surprised it worked at all.

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