FC2 with HP DESKJET 870 Problem

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 16 16:54:06 UTC 2005

Klaasjan Brand wrote:
>>The following are facts, not criticisms. I was pleased to
>>see how easily Gnome was able to install my printer, and
>>set up the queue.
>>First, GNOME PDF Viewer 2.8.2 cannot display that PDF. All
> A few things:
> Acrobat 5 for Linux is a bit buggy. It may not always work exactly
> like you want. Acrobat 7 is a lot better regarding stability, features
> etc. It also eats a lot more memory.

Thanks for that info. I'll go look for Acrobat 7, and install. If it
eats too much memory, I can always fall back. Something that works,
even if it causes lots of paging to virtual, is better than something
which doesn't work :-)

> The FC2 distribution is since the release of FC4 officially
> unmaintained. Unless you've got a very good reason to stick with FC2
> it's better to upgrade to FC4.

I am aware of that, and have switched to Legacy. Thanks for the info.
I have what seem like good reasons to me not to switch, yet. :)

> FC4 comes with the new PDF viewer "Evince" which is lean, reads a lot
> more PDF's than Gnome PDF ever would and supports printing in a sane
> way.
> As a last request: checklists of bugs or missing features are
> valuable. In fact, they are so valuable you don't just want to send
> them to some mailing list, but also enter them into the Red Hat or
> Gnome bugzilla systems. It really increases the odds of bugs being
> fixed for the next release ;)

Since I am a software developer myself, I recognize the value.
I am, however, a newbie to FC (been using *NIX systems for
about 15 years, but not FC, and not administering). If you know
where/how I could report these, and can offer advice on which ones
are useful (for example, if the GNOME PDF Viewer is retired, then
there is no point in filing reports against it), then I'd be glad
to do whatever will help.

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