vncserver && gdm extension && FC4 issue

Samuel Díaz García samueldg at
Tue Aug 16 21:57:25 UTC 2005

I'm having got a little problem with vncserver under FC4.

I can use VNC with vncserver startup script, with my 
/etc/sysconfig/vncservers setting without problems (only that I can 
authentificate, only as an user).

I modify my xorg.conf file to load the "vnc" module and put the options 
on it, to allow password and then login into the system, but the problem 
is I need to run "gdm-stop" under ssh conection (or terminal any type of 
terminal) to allow gdm get the config.

The question are:
   1) Using "vncserver" && /etc/syscocnfig/vncservers ... how can I 
force the "login screen"?
   2) Using the "vnc extension" (configured as I can see in, what step I need to 
allow direct conections to the server without force "gdm-stop" command?

Any ideas?

The system is FC4 without extras and nothing more.


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