Backing Up Windows Partition

Thu Aug 18 19:38:30 UTC 2005

> I was wondering whether it is possible to zip an entire Windows OS (in
> NTFS partition) into an ext3 Fedora partition?  If so, will I be able
> restore it later on (if not NTFS but vfat)?  Thanks.
I have had good luck with partimage (on the system rescue CD) for
windows partitions (both vfat and NTFS).  
NTFS support is considered experimental, but if I first defrag the 
partition under windows, I have had no problems backing it up.
partimage also allows backing up across the network to another
Linux box running partimaged.  Partimage only backs up the used
part of the partition and runs gzip on it.  It breaks it into pieces
suitable for placing on a DVD or CD (you set the split size).

I have restored the images and rebooted both windows 2k partitions and
linux partitions.

Bob Styma

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