waaaaaay offf topic!! grid computing project

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 19 00:36:32 UTC 2005


i don't need a lawyer.. i've already talked with amazon.. they've stated
that as long as their restrictions are followed (which i outlined) then
everything would be ok...

as i stated, you've misread... now, if you'd like to contact them.. feel
free.. call jefferey barr at their HQ/seattle...

but do yourself a favor, and at least really check what you're talking
about.. you know what you do when you assume!!!!


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bruce wrote:
> where did you find your information that lead you to think this is an end
> run around amazon?

Earlier, he wrote:

> to get to the scale in a fast enough timeframe, i might have to create
> some sort of distributed/grid application. the key issue is that while
> Amazon permits the extraction/use of the book data from their
> site/servers, Amazon restricts how fast you can hit their servers with
> a given machine/IP. amazon allows a server to hit their site
> oncer/second. the obvious solution is to create a distributed app that
> would be used to parse/extract the information, building the database.

I think you're doing an end run around that restriction.

You think maybe they had a reason for that restriction? Amazon say "only
once per second": whether they just want to preserve their bandwidth or
want to stop you downloading the entire database in much less than a
year, they don't want you to do this.

> you have misread the AWS license/information. amazon will allow us to do
> what we want, provided the restrictions as outlined in my initial posting
> are followed.

Um. The normal "we can stop this, or you, for any reason we like"
boilerplate is present. The legal limit is "once per 'Application'", and
'Application' is defined widely enough to cover your distributed

Maybe they'll just ignore it. But this is legal stuff: get a lawyer.


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