is it possible to set up a web server on a computer in a local area network?

Peter Boy pboy at
Sat Aug 20 09:26:51 UTC 2005

Am Samstag, den 20.08.2005, 12:58 +0800 schrieb yufan:
> Yeah thanks.i need help!i know the port forwarding but i do not know
> much about the DNS or DMZ. how shall i configure the router?

If your Web server should be visible from the internet you should do:

-  create a dynamic nameserver address, e.g. (but there are
   a lot of others. An example may be:
   This address will be used from the internet to access your web server

-  configure your router (better) or the machine which hosts your web
   server (not so gut) to update the dynamic dns each time you get
   a new IP address from your provider.

-  configure your router to forward request on port 80 to your server.
   Forget about DMZ in your case

-  configure your web server to anser to the name you choosed in step
   1, e.g.  ServerName

If your Web server should be visible from your internal network, too:

-  configure your Web server to answer to a second name, too, which
   is used on your internel network, e.g. yufan.internal
      ServerAlias  yufan.internal

-  Enable all your clients to find yufan.internal
   a)  create an entry in /etc/hosts on each machine, eg.
          192.168.x.y     yufan.internal
       (windows has a correspondig location for the host file inside
        c:\windos, I yust don't remember the exact place)
   b) set up a full internal DNS

   If you have only up to about 10 machines on your internal network,
   it may be less work to use alternative a)

Have fun


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