Cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

jdow jdow at
Sun Aug 21 00:01:57 UTC 2005

From: "Toralf Lund" <toralf at>

> After upgrading my Fedora Core 3 machine to Fedora Core 4, I started 
> getting a really weird problem. During startup I see a lot of messages 
> of the form:
> Cannot open shared object file: Permission denied
> And the system just won't boot properly.
> The strange bit is that is quite definitely there. I can start 
> up in single user mode and run the shell as well as most (all?) file 
> utilities etc. (and they all use libc, obviously.) There are, however, 
> *some* commands that will give the error message indicated above. One of 
> them is /sbin/kmodule - which I tried executing because I noticed it's 
> one of the first commands in the boot sequence.
> When I run with LD_DEBUG=libs, I notice that /sbin/kmodule will search 
> through all directories in the path for - including /lib - 
> then give up. Commands like cat, ls etc., on the other hand, will fetch 
> /lib/ directly based on info in /etc/ Unless I 
> remove the cache first, in which case these will also search the path up 
> until /lib, the successufully load the there.
> Does anyone have any idea about what is going on? Why would some 
> programs be able to open /lib/, others not? HELP!
> - Toralf

Been monkeying with file permissions, perhaps?

If so "chmod 755 /lib/" should help. If ""
is missing you are likely completely hosed.


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