monitoring IP traffic

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sun Aug 21 13:35:46 UTC 2005

On Sun August 21 2005 6:13 am, Tony wrote:
> You might want to try Dag's rpm instead. I use it on my centos4.1 desktop
> at work and it works like a charm. I know centos isn't fedora but it's very
> close. I use a second netword card in that machine which has no ip address
> and isn't ifup'd at boot up. It is cabled to a port on my main network
> switch which then is setup as a port mirror of the port where all our
> internet traffic heads off to the firewall. Using ntop running in
> promiscuous mode on that second card only, I can see in great detail
> who/what is using our bandwidth- and why- it's a great tool!
Yes, this works - thank you. One last question. When I invoked it I got:
ntop]# ntop @/etc/ntop.conf
   Processing file /etc/ntop.conf for parameters...
Sun Aug 21 09:23:27 2005  Initializing gdbm databases
NOTE: --use-syslog, no facility specified, using default value.  Did you 
forget the =?

I've been reading man syslog, but I can't figure out what that value should 
be, or how to determine it?
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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