OT: milter-greylist before rbls?

Mike McMullen mlm at loanprocessing.net
Sun Aug 21 17:56:49 UTC 2005

>> The reason I want greylisting to work first is to eliminate those zombie machines that attempt to
>> send zillions of emails. Typically they get a reject and just move on. That way load is cut down
>> on my system.
> I doubt that the ordering of greylisting and DNSBLs makes much
> difference load-wise. Both are fairly fast operations that don't involve
> reaching the DATA phase of the SMTP transaction. Unless perhaps you've
> got a slow network connection, so the DNS lookups take a long time.
> If you're determined to have the greylisting take place first, you might
> consider running the dnsbl milter from
> http://www.five-ten-sg.com/dnsbl.html, which would enable you to remove
> the DNSBLs from the sendmail configuration file and have them tested
> later on in a milter. You can specify the order of milters any way you
> like.
> Paul.
> -- 

Thanks, Paul. I'll check it out.


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