Slow page rendering with Firefox

Raman Gupta rocketraman at
Sun Aug 21 20:34:21 UTC 2005

Jim Higson wrote:
> On Sunday 21 Aug 2005 01:10, Raman Gupta wrote:
>>The firefox on my fully updated Fedora Core 4 box renders many larger
>>pages very slowly. During the page rendering, Firefox "hangs"
>>completely. A good test page is:
>>Rendering the scragz page, and others, on the same hardware and OS,
>>various other browsers are over 4 times faster, including Firefox for
>>Linux Firefox 1.06                  42.23
>>Linux Konqueror 3.4.2-0.fc4.1       13.27
>>Linux Opera 8.02 build 1272          7.08
>>Windows (via VMWare) Firefox 1.06    8.18
>>Windows (via VMWare) IE 6            7.12
>> [... snip ...]
>>Can anyone else duplicate these results?  Does anybody have any other
>>debugging/setup/configuration suggestions?
> Maybe you could try comparing Firefox from with the one from 
> Redhat? Might help pin the problem down and let us know who to report it to.

Good idea. Results below. I also tried Mozilla (from Fedora) and found
its speed in the desired ballpark:

FC4 Mozilla 1.7.10                 11.46
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 on FC4        8.19

I installed Firefox from and immediately recognized that it
felt faster than the Fedora one. The test page time bears that out.

This is also a good confirmation that the problem is not specific to my
profile, as the Firefox is using the same ~/.mozilla/firefox
profile as the Fedora version.

> Btw, I get about 3.5 seconds for that test, with Firefox 1.0.4 from Redhat on 
> a fully updated FC2. That's on an Athlon XP 3200.

Since this test seems to be CPU bound, your 3.5 seconds vs. my 8.19 from
the Firefox seem to be consistent given my computer's 1500
MHz (Intel Xeon) vs. your 3200 clock speed.

I will add this information to the bug report


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