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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Tue Aug 23 13:50:39 UTC 2005

Robin Bowes

>> For just 16 people you can simply put their addresses in the BCC field.

Dotan Cohen

> They get the message without thier name in the To field. I already had
> four of them ask why. It is important that thier names be on the To
> field.

If you didn't want to use mailing list software, just your own mailer,
you could put your own address in the TO field for BCC'd messages.

e.g. To: "Dotan's list recipients" <dotancohen at>

That sort of thing, done with some thought, usually explains away some
of the surprise some people get when receiving BCC'd mail.

Of course, if you use a mailing list program, some of them won't use the
recipient's name in the TO field, either.  They'll work rather like my

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